How do I authorise another user in the FordPass® App?

As the Primary User, you can authorise other users to have access to remote commands for your vehicle. You can choose to share access to your vehicle to other users by authorising them in FordPass. This offers ultimate flexibility, particularly in a household setting where multiple members use the same vehicle. However, it is important to understand how the data moves in this situation.  

In summary, if you are driving a vehicle fitted with a FordPass® Connect modem, with a FordPass App account connected to it, the user(s) of the FordPass App may, depending on the Customer Connectivity Settings selected in the vehicle, have access to:

  • Your vehicle's location.
  • Services that allow your vehicle to be remotely started, locked and unlocked.
  • Services that show information about the vehicle's status (for example, its fuel level).

When Another User Requests Authorisation:

  1. You will receive an authorisation request in the Message Centre.
  2. Select Yes or No in the lower section of the message. 
    • Selecting Yes will grant the user access to commands.
    • Selecting No will oppose the request.
  3. Complete the User Authentication by entering your device's security credentials.
    • Face ID
    • Touch ID
    • Device Passcode
  4. If you select to grant access, the Remote Command buttons will appear on the requester's Home screen and they will also receive a message confirming access. 


  • The requester will also receive a confirmation message that access was granted. 
  • There can be a maximum of 10 authorised users.
  • Activation can be provided by the Primary User or any previously user (who may be a Secondary User). 
  • If you did not take action on the request, the pending request will appear on the Home screen. 

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