Rear-view of Ford Ranger on a Construction Site

Designing the Ranger you asked for

Pick-up drivers from all around the globe told us what they wanted in a vehicle before we started designing the Ford Ranger. We asked customers what they liked, what they didn’t and what we could improve. Armed with thousands of hours of research, our team then got to work on a vehicle that could meet every driver’s need.

Tailgate Workbench

The Tailgate Workbench

People already used the tailgate1 for work, so we made it even handier.

The Smile Dial

The Smile Dial

Selectable Drive Modes2 help to make handling any kind of terrain a breeze.

All Sorts of Cargo

All Sorts Of Cargo

No matter what your load, you can tie it all down with ease3.

A Simple Step

A Simple Step

The new Rear Box Step4 makes accessing the cargo area easier than ever before.

Made for accessories

Made For Accessories

We’ve made fitting accessories as easy as plug and play.

Birds eye view

Bird’s-Eye View

The amazing 360-Degree Degree Camera5 lets you see everything around you.

Made for towing

Made For Towing

There’s even a special Tow Haul Mode6 to make hauling heavy loads easier.

Off road view

Off-Road View

Switch into 4x4 and the Off-Road Screen7 gives you a view of the terrain ahead.

Off road view

Hello Ford

Ranger understands voice commands better than ever before8

Off road view

A Connected Vehicle

Using the FordPass9 App on your smartphone you can locate your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, and even start the engine remotely.

Off road view

Eyes on the Road

Ranger is packed with Driver Assist Technologies10 to keep you safe.

Off road view

Wired Differently

Six extra optional wiring loops11 make adding powered accessories a breeze.