How do I view the Fifth Wheel Trailer Checklist in FordPass®*?

Upon clicking the Fifth Wheel Trailer option in FordPass, a screen will appear containing a step-by-step guide. Each time you finish a step, you can select the Mark Complete button. If you only need guidance for certain steps, you can skip all others and just tap the steps you need assistance from. FordPass will automatically mark any previous steps as complete. 

To access the Fifth Wheel Trailer Checklist in FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App. 
  2. Navigate to the Service landing page. 
  3. Select Trailer Checklist.
  4. Tap Fifth Wheel Trailer.
  5. You will have the option to view the following
    • Lock Kingpin Jaw
    • Lock Kingpin Release Handle 
    • Make All Electrical Connections
    • Connect Emergency Breakaway Switch
    • Trailer Light Check 
    • Raise Landing Gear 
    • Remove Wheel Chocks
    • Adjust Mirrors
    • Adjust Trailer Brake Controller Gain Setting

Note: If you need to go back to the first step, select the Reset button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

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