How do I Clear MyKey Settings?

MyKey allows you to program keys with restricted driving modes to promote good driving habits. You can program the restrictions to all keys but one. Any keys that you did not program are administrator or admin keys.

Can I clear MyKey without an admin key?
You can clear or change your MyKey settings as long as you do not turn off the vehicle after you create the MyKey. However, once you have switched the vehicle off, you will need an admin key to change or clear your MyKey settings.

Note: If you do not have an admin key, you will need to purchase a new key from your local dealer.

To clear the settings on MyKey:

  1. Switch the ignition on using an admin key. 
  2. Tab through the message center using the OK or the button on the steering wheel:
    • Select Settings.
    • Select MyKey.
    • Select Clear MyKey.
    • Hold the OK button until you see a message indicating that all MyKeys cleared.

For more information on your vehicle, you can search your Owner's Manual.

To locate your Owner's Manual in the FordPass App, please go to 'Vehicle Details > Vehicle Support' Section.

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