Why does my Ford vehicle enter Deep Sleep mode?

Your connected vehicle includes a protective feature known as Deep Sleep mode. Deep Sleep mode is triggered on a connected vehicle to conserve battery power, if it has not been manually started by key within the last 14-days (remote start/stop and lock/unlock do not count for this timing).


  • Opening your vehicle doors resets the 14-day counter, but does not remove your vehicle from Deep Sleep mode. 
  • A vehicle battery with a charge of 40% or below may cause a vehicle to enter Deep Sleep mode. 
  • Starting your connected vehicle manually with the key, is the only way to exit Deep Sleep mode.
    • The remote start command can start the engine, but it does not engage the transmission.
    • Your vehicle's physical key must be present to put your vehicle in Drive, which then removes it from Deep Sleep mode. 
  • A banner displays in FordPass® when your vehicle enters Deep Sleep, but there is no advance warning or notice that your vehicle will soon enter Deep Sleep.
  • You will receive a notification in Message Centre of FordPass when your vehicle enters Deep Sleep.

The Following is The Expected Behavior When a Vehicle is in Deep-Sleep Mode:

  • Any data displayed in FordPass is pulled from Ford servers according to the last vehicle connection sync.
  • Vehicle Controls are greyed out (disabled) and the Deep-Sleep banner overlays the top of the Home Landing screen.
  • Vehicle location is not available. Any vehicle location that is displayed is from the last synced location before the vehicle entered Deep-Sleep mode.
  • The Press to Refresh option is disabled.
  • The vehicle cannot be remotely started, locked, or unlocked.

If you experience issues with your vehicle entering Deep Sleep Mode, please contact a Guide for additional support.