What is AdBlue®?

Many new diesel vehicles, including Ford Everest, now require the use of a Diesel Exhaust Fluid, commonly referred to as AdBlue®. This fluid is automatically injected into the vehicle’s exhaust system to help reduce oxides of nitrogen emitted from vehicle, in order to meet the latest Euro 5 emissions standards. AdBlue® is stored in a small tank and, just like diesel fuel, the driver must ensure that AdBlue® is kept topped up in their vehicle. Further information on AdBlue® can be found in the Everest Owner’s Manual.

How often is AdBlue® used?

Your usage of AdBlue® depends on your vehicle use and driving style. As a guide, a tank of AdBlue® typically lasts 12,000 to 16,000km of normal driving.

When your AdBlue® level is low, a warning lamp and message will illuminate in the dashboard’s information display. You’ll receive further reminders to top up as the fluid level reduces. The vehicle will not start if the tank gets to empty. Filling up with AdBlue® is a simple process you can do yourself.

How often is AdBlue<sup>®</sup> used?

Where can I buy it?

You can refill your AdBlue® tank using stocked containers available for purchase from your Ford Dealer, selected service stations and automotive retailers. Ford Dealers can refill your tank with AdBlue® or sell you a container the next time you come in for a service, but this is not included in the standard Ford service price.

See www.ford.com.au/owners/service/calculator for recommended pricing information.

<br>Where can I buy it?

How to fill AdBlue®

Learn how to check your AdBlue® levels and how to refill your AdBlue® tank.

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<br>How to fill AdBlue<sup>®</sup>

3 steps to Filling up with AdBlue®1

Filling up your AdBlue® tank is simple. Check out the three steps below:

  • [1] Before filling up, please refer to the Everest Owner’s Manual for full instructions and warnings and the AdBlue bottle for important use, care and handling information.