Ford and Geelong Football Club

In December 2015, Ford Australia celebrated 90 years of association with the Geelong Cats and further extended its sponsorship of the AFL team to the end of 2020, making it one of the longest sports team partnerships in the world.

Ford and Geelong, together since 1925

2016 marks the 91st year of the Ford and Geelong Football Club partnership and continues a commitment thought by many to be the longest running sports team partnership in world sport on record.

“Soon after Ford put the world on wheels, Ford of Australia changed sports marketing in Australia when we forged a partnership with the Geelong Cats in 1925 by first offering jobs for the players at our new local operations,” said Graeme Whickman, Ford of Australia President and CEO. “The sponsorship extension comes on top of our ongoing investment in Australia and Geelong, including our advanced Research and Development Centre in Geelong and the You Yangs Proving Grounds near the city that are part of $300 million in R&D investment this year alone.”

Ford and Geelong, together since 1925

A Community:
Ford and Geelong

Ford’s history in the Geelong community is a source of great pride for the company, and continues to be a key focus for investment in the future of the business. A key partnership between Ford and Geelong’s Deakin University to nurture Australian engineering talent for the future is a core focus. Most recently, the university was one of five universities worldwide invited to take part in the ‘Creating a Ford Model T for this Century University Challenge’.

Additionally, the YouYangs Proving Ground in Lara which has celebrated its 50th Anniversary, is evidence of Ford’s strong engineering credentials, solidifying Ford’s presence in the area for years to come.

A Community: Ford and Geelong

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