What Is The Difference Between Engine Remanufacturing & Engine Reconditioning?

Reconditioned Engine

A reconditioned engine is an engine that has been disassembled, machined and cleaned, parts have been replaced with most likely Non-Genuine aftermarket components and a repair process that may not meet Ford’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards prior to being rebuilt.

Remanufactured Engine

A remanufactured engine has been returned to Ford’s manufacturer’s original factory specification using all Ford Genuine Parts. As a result, Remanufactured Engines provide levels of performance, reliability and durability equivalent to a new engine as manufactured by Ford.

Most importantly, a remanufactured engine is not the same as a reconditioned engine or a repaired engine.

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A detailed process is followed by our engine suppliers, that includes inspection and checking of components to ensure Ford’s Remanufactured specifications are met and all components meet hardness, dimensional and clearance critical standards.  

Furthermore, Ford’s remanufactured engines are required to meet their Global Requirements with known mandatory OEM replacement components that include the following key parts:

  • Pistons and Rings

  • Big and Small end Bearings

  • All gaskets and oil seals

  • Timing chains and belts

  • Rocker and Valve assemblies

  • Yielded fasteners throughout the engine

Additionally, important machining and assembly operations are imperative in achieving this high level of remanufactured product. Ford’s remanufactured engine suppliers are under a strict Quality Management System that ensures Ford’s customers are provided with a consistently high standard quality product including a hand built blueprint specification process to ensure reliability.

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