What are Vehicle Health Alerts?

Vehicle Health Alerts are notifications designed to keep you informed about your vehicle's overall health using data from your vehicle. These alerts can be viewed by selecting Vehicle Status on the Vehicle screen of FordPass®.

Vehicle Health Alerts will provide information about your:

  • Recalls.
  • Field Service Actions.
  • Oil Life (select vehicles only).
  • Tyre Pressure (select vehicles only).
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Each Vehicle Health Alert will tell you:

  • What the alert means.
  • The level of severity.
  • Actions or next steps required.

Important: Recalls and Field Service Actions come directly from Ford and will also appear on FordPass for non-connected vehicles.

Vehicle Health Alerts in FordPass 

To learn how to enable and view Vehicle Health Alerts in FordPass, select from the drop-down options below.

Setting Up Vehicle Health Alerts

If you meet all the requirements below, your Vehicle Health Alerts should run automatically. 

Viewing Vehicle Health Alerts 

To see your Vehicle Health Alerts in FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App. 

    Note: If you have multiple vehicles in your account, select the one you want to view alerts for. 

  2. Go to the Vehicle screen. 
  3. Select Vehicle Status.

Any active and available alerts will appear on the next vehicle status screen. 

Note: If you need additional help understanding your alert, you can contact your Ford Dealer.

If you experience any issues while using FordPass, contact a Guide by going to Account > Help in the FordPass App.

Additional Information 

Where can I find troubleshooting for my Vehicle Health Alerts?