Why is the activation prompt not appearing in my vehicle?

After tapping the Activate Vehicle button in FordPass™, a pop-up screen confirming the activation should display on your vehicle screen, to allow you to complete the process. 

Where there is no pop-up screen displayed in your vehicle, the Vehicle Connectivity menu item in SYNC® may need to be turned off and on again. 

  1. Access your vehicle, turn it on, and remain in park.
  2. Click Settings on your vehicle screen.
  3. Select Customer Connectivity Settings.
  4. Tap Vehicle Connectivity
    • Toggle the slide On (slide dot to the right) if it appears to be Off.
    • Toggle the slide Off (slide dot to the left) if it appears to be On. Then toggle back On.
  5. Wait 30 seconds or so for the data arrows  to display in the top right-hand corner of your vehicle screen.

Note: This icon shows that your modem is activated and connected vehicle data is being transmitted.