What causes frequent Deep Sleep Mode in my Ford vehicle?

The most common reason for vehicles going into Deep Sleep Mode before the 14-day idle period is due to a weakened battery. While being imported, the vehicle spends a long time in transit. During this period the vehicle is only driven for short periods, like test drives. This means that the battery does not get enough time to recover its charge.

How to fix Frequent Deep Sleep Mode

  1. In most cases, this issue can be resolved by a one-hour drive at highway speeds (1,500-3,000 RPM) while refraining from using electronics inside the vehicle. This includes:
    • Radio
    • Navigation
    • Phone/USB chargers
  2. If driving does not resolve your issue, check your vehicle instrument panel for a battery health indicator alert.
    • If an alert appears, reach out to your Ford Dealer to schedule a battery check.
    • If no alert is present, please contact a Guide for additional assistance. 

Important: City driving does not provide a consistent drive, and cannot be relied upon to charge the battery.