How do I change my Preferred Dealership in the FordPass®* App?

  1. Navigate to the Home landing page.
  2. Select the Map tab. 
  3. Tap the Dealers icon. 

Note: If your location services are enabled, FordPass will populate Ford Dealers nearest you.

  1. Choose a Dealer from the map or you can manually search using the Going somewhere field.
  2. Select the pin of the Dealer you want to review by clicking on the pin directly or by swiping through the smart cards that appear below.
  3. Click on the smart card to access the Dealers information.
  4. Tap the Heart icon next to Set Preferred.
  5. Select the Save button.

Note: If you have more than one vehicle in your account, a prompt will appear for you to confirm your selection.

  1. Confirm your dealer change on the next prompt.
    • Select Yes - to make the change.
    • Select No - to select another Dealer. 


  • Once your selection is complete, navigate back to the Service landing page. 
  • Your new Preferred Dealership should display under the Dealer/Service tile. 

*Use of FordPass is subject to the FordPass Terms and Privacy Policy available in link above and requires a compatible mobile device, internet access and software (including software updates from time to time). You are responsible for internet access, mobile network data and voice call services required for your use of the FordPass App on your mobile device, including associated fees.  The FordPass App and the FordPass Connect modem can only work when both are connected to the telecommunications network. Ford cannot guarantee FordPass will be fully operational at all times and the App may be unavailable or particular services interrupted. Ford is not responsible for any limitations of the telecommunications network or your mobile device.