How can I access the FordPass®* Message Centre?

If both your Account tab and Message Centre tab have dot indicators, this means you have a new message in FordPass. 

The following information is available in the message details page:

  • Back Arrow
  • Message Subject
  • Date/Time Received
  • Message Body/Content 
  • Delete Button

To locate any in-app messages for your account, use the steps below:

  1. Log in to the FordPass App. 
  2. Navigate to the Account landing page.
  3. Select Message Centre.
  4. The number of unread messages will appear in the red notification dot.
  5. Tap the respective message you want to view.


  • Messages are presented from the latest message receive to oldest. Read messages appear in black text. 
  • Messages include, but are not limited to Member Authorisation notifications (requests, approvals and rejections) and Deep Sleep notifications. 
  • Messages received on the current day only show the time. 
  • Messages received prior to the current day shows the date instead of the time. 
  • Unread messages have a bold subject line and a blue status column next to them.

Additional Information

How do I delete the messages in my Message Centre?

*Use of FordPass is subject to the FordPass Terms and Privacy Policy available in link above and requires a compatible mobile device, internet access and software (including software updates from time to time). You are responsible for internet access, mobile network data and voice call services required for your use of the FordPass App on your mobile device, including associated fees.  The FordPass App and the FordPass Connect modem can only work when both are connected to the telecommunications network. Ford cannot guarantee FordPass will be fully operational at all times and the App may be unavailable or particular services interrupted. Ford is not responsible for any limitations of the telecommunications network or your mobile device.