What data is the FordPass Connect modem sending from my vehicle, once I take delivery?

When you take delivery, there are three possible FordPass Connect modem states: 

Full modem activation (also referred to as ‘fully activated’):

  • You can fully activate your modem (through FordPass App account creation, adding your VIN and activating in your vehicle), allowing you to access the Connected Services.
  • In this mode, your modem will be sending additional vehicle data (Driving Data – that is how your vehicle’s features are used) and your vehicle location to Ford’s servers and cloud service providers in order to provide some of the Connected Services, such as Satellite Navigation with Live Traffic.
  • If you use the Live Traffic functionality on a vehicle connected to the Fordpass App, we share the vehicle’s location, direction and speed in pseudonymous form with HERE, our third-party real-time traffic information provider.
  • The electronic serial number of your FordPass Connect modem (ESN), SIM serial number (ICCID) and your vehicle’s VIN continue to be sent.   

Note: In this fully activated state, your vehicle will continue transmitting and receiving data even if:

  • You disable Location Services and/or Live Traffic
  • You disable Vehicle Data and Remote Control
  • Some but not all users with a FordPass App account associated with a VIN have removed the VIN from their FordPass App
  • You uninstall the FordPass App. 

Partial modem activation (also referred to as ‘partially activated’):

You can leave your FordPass Connect modem as is, that is partially activated, and the vehicle will continue to send diagnostic and maintenance data as described above.  This state will continue unless you actively turn off ‘Vehicle Connectivity’ via your in-vehicle SYNC system in your car.  

When you take delivery, you and your dealer can work together to ensure that your vehicle connectivity settings are customised to your preferences.