What Is an Adaptive Headlamp?

Adpative Headlamp is used to describe a headlamp light system that changes the beam pattern on the road by applying the best light distribution to the current driving situation. It does this by either using shutter, drums driven by stepper motors or a combination). Adaptive Headlamp systems are designed to provide a smooth change over between modes, such as low and high beam. Adaptive Lighting can also include cornering lights, and many other features. Such as;

  • Play Street Light: Improved peripheral lighting at low speed with higher intensity on the near side of the car, but with a reduced forward range (<30kph).
  • City Light: Light beam is adapted for town driving, with more forward range and optimised peripheral lighting (31 kph – 50kph).
  • Country Road Light: Provides additional forward vision optimised for inter-urban driving. (51 – 100 kph, and is equivalent to the standard non-AFS low beam distribution).
  • Anti-Glare Poor Weather Light: Minimises glare in foggy conditions and road reflection to others in rainy conditions. (Wipers need to be active for more than 2 minutes for this feature to operate. Front fog needs to be deactivated).
  • Motorway Light: Provides a narrow beam with enhanced headlight range for motorway driving (>110kph).
  • Manoeuvring Light: When reverse gear is selected, the system directs maximum light to both sides of the vehicle  to aid night-time reversing manoeuvres.
  • Static Cornering Headlight: An additional non-moving light source supplementing the low beam, intended to increase visibility to the side of the car e.g. when manoeuvring in cities or driving narrow curves/bends. The trigger for this is steering wheel angle or turn indicator activation up to 40kph (Cornering light) and steering wheel angle between 40 and 70kph (enhances cornering light).
  • Dynamic Curve Light: A motor driven swivelling light that provides optimised illumination for winding roads. The trigger for this movement is mainly steering wheel angle and vehicle speed.