What Is Active Park Assist?

Ford Motor Company launched Active Park Assist on select vehicle lines for parallel parking assistance.

  • While driving slowly in the parking zone, activating Park Assist will enable system to look for an available parking spot.
  • Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the curb and between parked cars.
  • Once a spot that's big enough is identified, the system will signal the driver to stop and accept the system's assistance.
  • When the driver gives the system light to proceed, Park Assist controls the steering and the driver controls the braking.

What Is Enhanced Active Park Assist?

Enhanced Active Park Assist including parallel and perpendicular park assist, park-out assist, park distance control sensors (front /rear/ side with acoustic and visual alerts), builds on the Active Park Assist as a Ford vehicle feature. It does so by adding the following features;

  • Perpendicular Park Assist (PPA) assists the driver to park into a perpendicular slot in reverse. 
  • Pull Out Assist (POA) assists the driver to park out of a parallel parking slot.
  • Side park sensors (Flank Guard) uses the sensors at the front and rear side of the vehicle, as well as steering angle and vehicle speed info to create an internal 'map' of obstacles.

You can read more about Active Park Assist on the How To section of our website by clicking here and locating the "Active Park Assist" video.

For specific information related to your vehicle, please click here to view your Owners Manual.

Note: Even when using Active Park Assist it is still important to pay attention to your surroundings. At any time the driver can disengage Active Park Assist by taking control of the steering wheel or putting the vehicle into neutral.