How do I Use Cruise Control?

When activated, Cruise Control lets you maintain a set speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal. You can use Cruise Control when your vehicle speed is greater than 30 km/h.

The cruise controls are on the steering wheel.

Setting the Cruise Control Speed

  1. Press ON on the cruise control switch on your steering wheel.
  2. The indicator light  will appear in the information display. The indicator changes color to indicate the system status.
  3. Drive to your desired speed.
  4. Press SET.
  5. Take your foot off the accelerator.

Changing the Set Speed

  1. Press SET to change the set speed in small increments.
  2. Press and hold either button to change the set speed in large increments. Release the button when you reach the speed you prefer.
  3. Press the accelerator or brake pedal until you reach the speed you prefer. Press SET.
  4. Press the accelerator or brake pedal until you reach the desired speed. Press SET.

Cancelling Cruise Control

Press the Cancel (CNCL) or X button on the steering wheel, or apply the brakes.

Resuming Cruise Control

To resume after canceling, press the RES button.

Beyond Conventional Cruise Control

Your vehicle may be fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control. The feature allows your vehicle to change it's speed to follow the car in front, and can also incorporate a Stop and Go function. Adding to this is the Lane Centering feature, which is available in some Ford vehciles.

For details on the Cruise Control system in your vehicle and how it works, please see your Owner's Manual, or select your vehicle Model and Year below. For more information or if you require assistance, please get in touch with your preferred Ford dealership.

To locate your Owner's Manual in the FordPass App, please go to 'Vehicle Details > Vehicle Support' Section.