Who do I contact if I am having vehicle issues?

If you are having an issue with your Ford vehicle, there are multiple ways to get the help you need.

For any question or concern about your vehicle, or any questions regarding the cost of repairs or services, your Ford Dealership will be able to assist you. You can book a visit to your preferred Dealership online here or find the locations and contact details of Ford Dealerships by clicking here.

There are some other resources you can use to answer questions you may have about your vehicle. You can;

  1. Check your Owner’s Manual. Your Owner’s Manual contains important information specific to your vehicle model, including maintenance information, how features work, vehicle specifications, and troubleshooting tips. 

  2. See our Ford Owner Information. Visit our Ford Owner page to find information on How To Videos, Indicator Icons and other support information

  3. Check for open recalls. Find out if there is a recall that applies to the issue your vehicle has. Go to the Recall and Service Action Look Up page on the owner website and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you have a recall, contact a Ford Dealership to schedule an appointment to have it resolved.

  4. Contact a FordPass Guide. For FordPass concerns, please click here to find out how to contact a Guide. 

If you need help from Ford, contact the Ford Customer Relationship Centre by email at foacust1@ford.com or call on 13FORD (13 3673)

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