More of what you need, less of what you don’t.

No one should be a regular at their petrol station. That’s why the Ford EcoSport is designed to give you excellent fuel economy and responsive power, which means you’ll be seeing the guys at the pump a lot less frequently.

92kW EcoBoost Petrol Engine

Yes, it has been voted best in class at the International Engine of the Year Awards for 5 years running. But what counts is why. The 92kW, 3 cylinder EcoBoost Petrol, which is standard on the EcoSport Trend, delivers impressive fuel economy. But that’s what you’d expect from an engine this small, right? What you don’t expect is its power. In fact, this turbocharged petrol engine delivers 92kW2 of power and 170Nm3 of torque and a thrifty 5.7L per 100km4.

Power and Economy without compromise

When it comes to power, the turbocharged 92kW EcoBoost1 can easily compete with a traditional 1.6 litre petrol engine, delivering full torque at just 1500rpm. That’s a lot of power in an economical 3 cylinder footprint. But that’s what makes it so exceptional.

Power and Economy without compromise

Fuel-saving design

The EcoSport has a drag co-efficient of 0.365. Why should you care? Because it means more fuel savings, thanks to an aerodynamic design that reduces friction. From its ‘teardrop’ shape to small details like the rear pillar kicker, it all works to limit wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption.


  • [1] Trend models only.
  • [2] 92kW @ 6000rpm. All performance data measured using 95 RON fuel.
  • [3] 170Nm @ 1400-4500rpm. All performance data measured using 95 RON fuel.
  • [4] Based on 92kW EcoBoost Petrol Engine. Fuel consumption and emissions as per ADR 81/02 (combined cycle) and to be used for vehicle comparison purposes only. It is unlikely that this fuel consumption figure will be achieved in real world driving conditions. Actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including the driver's habits, prevailing conditions and the vehicle's equipment, condition and use.