Essential luxuries

Once you may have considered these features luxuries. Now they're not just what you expect in a car. They're also what you deserve.


SYNC® 3 is a fully integrated, voice activation system that lets you use your favourite devices while your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay safely on the road*.

Sync your phone to call your friends, play your favourite music, and stay on track with the integrated Satellite Navigation System. It comes complete with a customisable 8” Colour LCD Touch Screen. Best of all, it can be paired to more than one mobile device.

SYNC® 3 Emergency Assistance# can call emergency services and share your exact GPS location in the unlikely event of an accident that shuts off the fuel pump or activates an airbag.

Seamless integration with your smartphone through Apple CarPlay™1, Android Auto™2 and Applink™3, allows you to choose how you remain connected to your world^.

At the touch of a finger it is easy to access the features you want. With a new capacitive 8” touch screen SYNC® 3* is quicker and more responsive than ever before.

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Imagine. Perfect parallel parking without your hands ever touching the steering wheel. Enhanced Active Park Assist4 not only helps you find the right parking space, it steers you in. Perfectly. Put the car into gear. Take your hands off the wheel. All you have to do is work the accelerator and brake. It even steers you out of your park, hands-free.

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Active City Stop6

When traffic is crawling along, it can be easy to miss someone suddenly stopping up front. In speeds of less than 40km/h5, Active City Stop detects if the car in front has unexpectedly stopped and automatically applies the brakes if you don't.

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Active City Stop<a class='citation'><sup data-disclosure='6'>6</sup></a>

BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)4

It's a small thing but a very important one. Indicator lights in the side mirrors let you know when there's a vehicle in your blind spot when changing lanes. So you can see what you can't see.

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BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)<a class='citation'><sup data-disclosure='4'>4</sup></a>

Lane Keeping Aid6

By monitoring road markings, this system detects if you appear to unintentionally move out of your lane. If you do, your steering wheel will vibrate to warn you. If lane departure continues it will also direct you back into your lane by applying steering torque, unless your indicator is on.

Lane Keeping Aid<a class='citation'><sup data-disclosure='6'>6</sup></a>

Rear View Camera6

Reverse like you have eyes in the back of your head. Mondeo's Rear View Camera6 lets you clearly see what's behind you, while the beep of the rear parking sensors tells you how close you are. The system even automatically turns down your music so you can hear the beeps clearly.


Handing over the keys to the younger members of your family is a tough call. But MyKey™ makes sure that they'll drive as if you were in the car with them. You can program it to remind them to put on seat belts, limit their speed, keep their music volume down and concentrate on the drive, not their phone.

  • [1] Apple CarPlay™ requires phone with compatible version of Apple iOS, active data service, and connection cable (sold separately). SYNC® does not control Apple CarPlay™ while in use. Apple is solely responsible for their functionality. Message and data rates may apply. Apple CarPlay, Siri Eyes Free, iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries.
  • [2] Android Auto™ requires phone with compatible version of Android Auto ™ and active data service. Android Auto™ requires phone with compatible version of Android Auto™ and active data service. Android Auto and Google Maps are trademarks of Google Inc.
  • [3] Ford AppLink™ is available on selected SYNC® models and is compatible with select smartphone platforms
  • [4] Available on Titanium models.
  • [5] Active City Stop may help avoid, or minimise the impact of a collision between speeds of 3.6 and 40km/h. It is not a substitute for driver alertness. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions, or adverse weather.
  • [6] Available on Trend and Titanium models only.
  • [*] SYNC® 3 standard on all models commencing May 2016 production. Not all SYNC® 3 features are compatible with all phones.
  • [#] To use Emergency Assistance, your phone must be paired and in mobile reception range.
  • [^] Local laws may prohibit the use of this function. Check your local road rules before using.