Ford’s award-winning driver education program

Driving Skills for Life is a hands-on driver safety program providing learner and newly licensed drivers with new skills and information not currently shared in basic driver education courses.

Driving Skills for Life was launched in 2015 in Australia. After many successful years in North America, Europe and Asia, Driving Skills for Life brings comprehensive driver training to Australian teenagers from some of the nation’s top professional driving instructors.

Loss of Control

Using a low friction surface, teenage drivers experience a loss-of-control situation at low speed. During the exercise, drivers are taught how to respond to the unexpected and bring the vehicle to a stop safely.

Loss of Control

Vehicle Handling

Drivers complete a course created with traffic cones that focuses on vision and vehicle control. Drivers are taught the dangers of distracted driving behaviours like text messaging while behind the wheel.

Emergency Braking

The emergency braking and lane changing exercise teaches teenage drivers how to respond quickly to unexpected events on the road. Drivers complete emergency braking in wet and dry conditions as well as completing a lane change while braking.

Impairment Suit

Ford’s impairment suit is designed to give teenage drivers an understanding of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. The suit is a high-impact demonstration showing how alcohol impairs your physical capabilities impacting driver judgement.

Impairment Suit