Guidelines/Applying for Support

Guidelines/Applying for Support


Ford receives numerous offers for sponsorship, promotion, donations, fundraisers and partnerships daily from worthy individuals and organisations. While we would like to support all of these requests, unfortunately, this is not possible.

We understand it is not easy asking for assistance. In order to use our funds effectively and to provide you with a timely response to your request, we have established the following guidelines for Fords community support. Please read these guidelines carefully before requesting assistance.

What organisations do we support?

Ford will support, where possible, community events which are based around Broadmeadows and Geelong Plants. Ford will also provide in-kind support, where possible, to pre, primary and secondary school fundraisers for education facilities located in the Hume and Geelong region.

Ford will also consider requests for support from not-for-profit organizations. These requests will be assessed for:

  • Level of investment
  • Corporate reputational benefit
  • Alignment to business activity
  • Benefit to Ford stakeholders, including employees, local communities and consumers

What Ford does not support

Ford will not support organizations that do not have not-for-profit status. In addition, the Community Affairs Program is unable to support:

  • Fundraisers for community events and schools that are located outside the Hume and Geelong regions.
  • Religious or political parties
  • Individuals
  • Profit making enterprises
  • Film, television or radio programs
  • Animal rights organisations
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Debt reduction
  • Loans for small business
  • Endowments
  • Operating costs
  • Political contributions
  • Sports teams

How we can support

Support may consist of cash donations, a donation "in kind" or involve a partnership opportunity with Ford. An "in kind" donation will generally consist of materials for fund raising events such as show bags and show bag fillers or merchandise items that can be used for raffles.

Ford is unable to support requests for vehicles.

Please note these guidelines refer only to community support. All requests for commercial sponsorships, advertising or promotions are marketing and sales activities and fall outside of these guidelines.