Power meets passion

Whether you run on gas or petrol, the FG X Falcon innovative range of engines delivers the power of a tough workhorse with smooth car-like handling.

EcoLPi 1

Offering better performance and fuel efficiency than the 6-cylinder petrol engine, the EcoLPi outputs an impressive 198kW of power and 409Nm of torque - which means you don’t need to compromise on power to save on fuel.

Towing Capacity

Tough, powerful and always ready to work, the FG X Falcon Ute has the brute strength and power to tackle just about any job going. The Falcon Ute range offers payloads of up to 1 tonne3 and towing capacities of up to 2,300kg4 , all while maintaining the dynamic handling and car-like comfort you’d expect from a sedan.

Super smart 6-speed transmission

Employing advanced mechatronic units that deliver precise control over all 6 gears, the 6-speed automatic transmission ensures smooth delivery of power and torque for a thoroughly fun drive across the range. By pre-selecting your next gear it ensures you don't lose power between gear changes, so you drive more efficiently as well more enjoyably.

  • [1] EcoLPi engine available on non-Turbo models.
  • [2] Power and torque figures measured using premium unleaded fuel (95 RON).
  • [3] Standard on Falcon Ute base model Cab Chassis/ Style Side Box and on XR6 Cab Chassis.
  • [4] Figures quoted are for braked trailers. Subject to State and Territory regulations. Towing capacity of vehicles with optional automatic transmission and when fitted with Genuine Ford heavy duty towpack including load levelling kit. Towball download and rear axle limits must not be exceeded. Please refer to your Ford Dealer for advice. Competitor towing data sourced from ebrochures and competitor’s official website as at Oct 1, 2014.
  • [5]The production of the FG X Falcon Ute MKII ended in July 2016. Because of this, certain models, colours and options may not be available. Please consult with an authorised Ford dealer for the most up to date information about features, specifications, prices optional equipment and availability before you decide to place an order.