Thinking about getting a Ford?
You’re in good company.

Some of the toughest automotive critics in the country voted Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Focus, Ford Focus ST and Ford Mondeo among the best cars on the market in 2015. Why?

Just take a look.

Everest Trend
2015 Car of the Year

“What ultimately won over the judging panel was the Everest's ability to play so many roles. It is an SUV that is just at home wading through a river on the way to remote campsite or driving down to the local shops with the family on-board.”

— Stephen Ottley,

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Everest Trend<br>2015 Car of the Year

Ranger XLT
2015 Best Ute

“But for our money, where the Ranger* really shines is that it brings to this market a suite of driver aids that can't be had in the opposition models for any money.”

— David Morley,

*Ranger XLT with optional Technology Pack tested.

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Ranger XLT<br>2015 Best Ute

Fiesta ST
2015 Best Performance Car Under $100K

“Ford’s Fiesta ST has it all: performance, on-road grip and tactility, and the ability to be at one with the driver in a well-appointed and comfortable cabin environment. Less than $30K never bought so much in a bona fide driver’s car.”

Tim Britten,

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Fiesta ST<br>2015 Best Performance Car Under $100K

Focus Trend
2015 Best Small Car

“The Focus has received an expansive mid-life facelift which extended to an excellent new, punchy-yet-thrifty turbo engine, a conventional auto, and an upgraded cabin with some welcome new features including reversing camera and navigation.”

Peter McKay,

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Focus Trend<br>2015 Best Small Car

Focus ST
2015 Best Performance Car Under $60K

“The driving enjoyment factor has to take precedent in this category, and the Focus was a playful, athletic bundle of fun on the road and on the track.”

Peter McKay,

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Focus ST<br>2015 Best Performance Car Under $60K

Mondeo Trend
2015 Best Family Car

“The Mondeo Trend is fitted as standard with autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, active cruise control, forward collision warning and pedestrian detection systems – as well as clever airbags mounted within the rear seatbelts. Drive's Car of the Year judges voted unanimously to put the Mondeo Trend in first place, handing it a dominant victory.”

David McCowen,

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Mondeo Trend<br>2015 Best Family Car