State Auto Club Roadside Assistance & Membership Terms and Conditions

State Auto Club Roadside Assistance & Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility Criteria

State Auto Club Roadside Assistance and Membership is available from participating authorised Ford Dealers only. Further eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • New Ford Vehicle Buyers – 12 months standard State Auto Club Roadside Assistance and Membership applicable to all private/retail and small business buyers (with fleets less than 5 units).
    • Eligible vehicles: Eligible new Ford vehicles include local and imported passenger vehicles, Falcon Ute, Ranger, and SUV’s sold from April 1, 2013 (excludes FPV and Transit vans, which are covered by separate myFord Roadside Assistance packages).
    • Note: New FPV vehicles are covered by a 3 year myFord Premium Roadside Assistance product.
    • Note: New Transit vans are covered by a 12 month myFord Vancare Roadside Assistance product.
  • Fords Service Price Promise Customers – 12 months standard State Auto Club Roadside Assistance and Membership applicable to all vehicles serviced under the Fords Service Price Promise program, in that the vehicle is up to 7 years old and has travelled less than 105,000km at the time of service.
    • Eligible vehicles:
      Vehicles service under Fords Service Price Promise that are owned by private or small business customers with fleets less than 5 units. Eligible vehicles include local and imported Passenger, Falcon Ute, Ranger and SUV’s serviced from April 1, 2013 (excludes FPV’s less than 3 years old and Transit vans less than 1 year old while covered by their relevant new vehicle program as described below).
    • FPV vehicles are only eligible to receive State Auto Club Membership after the completion of the 3 year myFord Premium Roadside Assistance product that is included with all new FPV vehicles.
    • Transit vans are only eligible to receive State Auto Club Membership after the completion of the 1 year myFord Vancare Roadside Assistance product that is included with the sale of all new Transit vehicles. Towing will be at the customers cost for Vans with a GVM >2,500kg.

2. Length of Cover

The complimentary State Auto Club Roadside Assistance and Membership is valid from the date of your last eligible myFord Capped Price Service or from the date you purchased your eligible new Ford vehicle for 12 months or until the date you complete your next eligible myFord Capped Price Service (at which point you will receive a new 12 month period of Roadside Assistance and Membership), whichever occurs first.

3. Membership Differences for Ford Customers

In most cases, the complimentary State Auto Club membership offered to Ford customers is the same as the full priced, standard retail product available for purchase directly from the State Auto Clubs, with a few small differences:

  • Towing: Ford members will be towed to the nearest Ford Dealership, unless the vehicle owner requests towing to an alternative location. Should towing to the nearest Ford Dealer or alternative location of their choice exceed the roadside assistance towing benefits of their nominated State Auto Club, then the vehicle owner is required to pay the difference at the time of receiving the roadside service, in accordance with the relevant Club’s general conditions, exclusions and limitations.
  • Batteries: Ford batteries are covered under a 12 month warranty and will be replaced at no cost to the member if the battery fails while under this warranty period.

A further difference applies to the membership offered by RAA, RACT and AANT. Membership to these Clubs differs in that it covers the individual rather than the vehicle. An exception will be made for Ford customers who obtain a complimentary membership to allow a vehicle based membership for new members. This means that ALL drivers of the nominated Ford vehicle will be covered for roadside assistance rather than just the individual.

Existing members to these Clubs will also receive this vehicle based membership, however it will be applied as a separate membership covering their Ford vehicle. This is in addition to the existing personal membership, however the two will be linked ensuring continuity of the member’s “years of membership” benefits. For any remaining portion of the existing personal membership, customers will be given two options:

  1. Continue as a personal member to ensure they are covered for Road Service in any vehicle they drive. This will require no action from the member as the membership will continue running until the expiration date, at which time a separate renewal notice will be issued. OR
  2. Place their existing membership ‘on hold’ whilst they have the complimentary 12 months for their Ford, after which the existing membership will be reestablished. This will require the member to contact RAA/AANT/RACT.

All options will be explained in the welcome letter that the customer will receive from the Club.

4. State Auto Club Roadside Assistance Benefits Overview

The Roadside Assistance benefits available to State Auto Club members include:

  • 24 hour roadside assistance, 365 days per year:
    Should you require assistance following a breakdown, your local Auto Club will come to you at the roadside 24 hours a day, 365 days per year - anywhere in Australia.
  • Flat battery:
    The Auto Club will jump-start a flat battery or arrange a battery replacement. For 12 months from the first date of vehicle registration, if your battery fails, the Auto Club will replace it at no cost to you.
  • Out of fuel:
    The Auto Club will assist you with the provision of petrol or diesel, where available, to enable you to travel to the nearest re-fuelling facility or, alternatively, arrange a tow. Fuel cost may be at the owner’s expense. Dedicated LPG vehicles will require towing to your nearest licensed LPG re-fuelling facility (within towing limits).
  • Flat tyre:
    The Auto Club will change a flat tyre (where vehicle has a serviceable spare) or, if necessary, a tow will be arranged and may be at the driver’s expense.
  • Lockout:
    The Auto Club will assist where possible in opening your vehicle, locating and delivering your spare keys (where applicable), or arranging a tow, provided adequate proof of ownership can be shown.
  • Mechanical breakdown:
    Where applicable, a Service Patrol Vehicle will be dispatched to assist the mobilisation of your vehicle at the roadside.
  • Towing:
    In the event that a vehicle cannot be mobilised at the roadside, the vehicle can be towed to the nearest Ford Dealer or authorised Ford Service outlet. Towing beyond the relevant Auto Club’s standard towing distance allowances will be at the driver’s expense.

Please note: that the Roadside Assistance benefits listed here form a brief overview only and do differ from each of the various State Auto Clubs. For a full list of your roadside benefits including towing entitlements, and the terms and conditions of your complimentary Ford package, please contact your relevant State Auto Club.

5. Calling for Roadside Assistance

State Auto Club members can call for roadside assistance by phoning 13 11 11 and are encouraged to tell the operator that they have obtained free roadside assistance courtesy of either purchasing or servicing their Ford.

The operator will ask the following information:

  • Name
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Membership number
  • Precise location of the vehicle
  • A brief description of the problem
  • A contact telephone number (where possible)
  • The operator may also ask for the Ford unique identifier (which is located on the sticker on the windscreen) and VIN.

In the event a customer contacts the State Auto Clubs for roadside assistance, the customer may be required to show evidence of membership which will be supported by either the State Auto Club roadside assistance sticker placed on the windscreen of the customer’s vehicle by the Dealer, the roadside assistance registration confirmation letter or other documentation provided by the Dealer, or the customer’s State Auto Club membership card if they are a pre-existing member. Where a customer does not have any of these forms of confirmation they should contact their participating Authorised Ford Dealer to receive the required documentation prior to the Roadside Assistance being undertaken.